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iGA Buggy  Frequently Asked Questions

To benefit from Buggy service, you can buy it on our website at igapass.com, or you can stop by at the departures Buggy desks or call our Call Center. Owners of an iGA PASS yearly or daily package, Meet & Greet passengers, guests aged 65 and over, pregnant guests, families with kids aged 0-2 years, and guests from contracted airlines and institutions can use the Buggies free of charge.
To use the service, you can download and sign up on the Istanbul Airport mobile app and go to the QR menu in the lower left section to generate a QR code. Now you can use this QR code at the relevant service points, or you can tell our staff your registered phone number. For more details, you can check out our membership packages.
If you buy the service on our website at igapass.com, we will send you a QR code which you can show at the relevant Buggy desk to benefit from the service. If you wish to buy the service at the airport, you can do so at the Buggy desks.

The service remains valid for 1 year as of the date of purchase. In iGA Pass Daily, the services included in the package can be used for 24 hours after the first use and they expire at the end of 24 hours.

To purchase Buggy service, you can:
    • visit our website at www.igapass.com,
      use the Istanbul Airport mobile app,
      stop by at the iGA Pass sales desks or the Buggy desks (desks C1 ,E1 and G) on the international departures floor.

  • There is no Buggy sales on the arrivals floor.

    You have the right to withdraw without reason within fourteen (14) days of purchase. If, however, you start using any of the purchased services before the fourteen (14) days’ withdrawal period has expired, you will forfeit the right of withdrawal.
    If you have not used any of the services after purchase, you can exercise your right to withdraw by submitting an explicit statement to iGA Service & Sales desks or by phone call to our Call Center within the time stated above.

    There may be no Buggy car waiting at the arrivals Buggy desks due to flight or passenger density. If this is the case, you can use the desk phones or the Buggy call points 24/7 to call a Buggy.

    Buggy service is for one-time use only. If you have one of the iGA PASS yearly packages, you can use the Buggy service as many times as you wish for 1 year.

    To learn more about iGA Buggy service fees, you can go to:
    Premium Services > iGA Buggy > International
    Premium Services > iGA Buggy > Domestic.
    There is no Buggy sales on the arrivals floor.
    Buggy service on the arrivals floor can be used by the owners of an iGA PASS yearly, Meet & Greet passengers, guests aged 65 and over, pregnant guests, and families with kids aged 0-2 years.

    We have several Buggy desks at our airport: International Departures & Arrivals and Domestic Departures & Arrivals. You can use our Buggy cars of varying passenger capacity for comfortable and quick access to / from your flight gate.
    Departing passengers with an international flight can go to Buggy desks C1 and E1 for quick access to their boarding gates.
    Departing passengers with a domestic flight can go to Buggy desk G on the domestic departures floor for quick access to their boarding gates.
    International arriving passengers can use the “Buggy Call Points” or go to the buggy desks on the piers to benefit from Buggy service.
    Buggy desks on the international arrivals floor are desks A5, B5, D9, and F6.

    Buggy call points and Buggy desks on the international arrivals floor are found at the following locations:
    Pier A: call point opposite gate A11 - Buggy desk next to gate A5.
    Pier B: call point near gate B16-17 - Buggy desk next to gate B5.
    Pier D: call point near gate D13-14 - Buggy desk next to gate D9.
    Pier F: call point near gate F14-16 – Buggy desk next to gate F6.

    There is 1 Buggy desk in the domestic arrivals area (Buggy desk G5).
    The Buggy desk for domestic departing passengers is in zone G opposite F1.

    Please contact your airline or institution to check on the services you can use at the airport.

    iGA Buggy Service

    Save your time at airport with iGA Buggy, the easiest way to reach your flight gate!

    iGA Buggy shuttle service operating on the International Departures Passenger Floor, is a service that every passenger can benefit from up to the boarding gate through vehicles with a capacity of 3 or 5 people. You may easily visit iGA Buggy shuttle stations shown on the map to be able to get service between International Flights gates and Buggy shuttle stations. Moreover, in order to benefit from this service in the fastest way, all you need to do is visit igapass app, complete your purchase process and scan your individual QR code at Buggy stations.



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