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iGA Meeting Lounge Service

With IGA Meeting Lounge, we strive to elevate the experience of visiting Istanbul Airport by preventing the mess that occurs during greeting of your guests on international arrival floor.

We are planning to make the process of “bringing the greeter and the guest together” easier with our Meeting Lounge service.

If you would like your guests to access these privileges; you can purchase and make reservations for our Meeting Lounge service from our website, igapass.com, or our mobile application Istanbul Airport.


Service Area

  • International Arrival floor


Meeting Lounge Services;

Bringing the guest and the greeter together

After greeting you in our Meeting Lounge, we help the guests meet the person who is there to greet them.

How can you use the service?

Bringing the guest and the greeter together

  • Your greeter is required to make an application from our Meeting Lounge reception. Your greeter will be provided with a buzzer to inform you when your guest gets to the Meeting Lounge.
  • Your guests will only need to check-in to our Meeting Lounge reception after they pass through the passport check and luggage carousel.
  • When your guest gets to the Meeting Lounge, your buzzer will be activated and inform you about the arrival of your guest.

You are required to hand in your buzzer to meet with your guest.


Available in

Service Type



The booked service is limited to one person.

Total Price

€0.05 - €0.44

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